Georgia will be fourth state to have rollover warnings

| 9/10/2001

Canada's International Road Dynamics Inc. said Sept. 4 that it has won a contract to supply truck rollover warning systems at three sites in Georgia. Three IRD systems will be placed in strategic locations in Clayton County and Dekalb County.

The systems use IRD's Single Load Cell WIM technology and operate by monitoring the speed, deceleration, height and weight of each truck as they exit the freeway. Trucks that are in danger of failing to negotiate the curve activate large warning message signs advising them of the approaching danger. The driver is then able to take suitable measures to manage the curve.

The three locations where the system will be placed are on Interstate 75 in Clayton County and I-20 in Dekalb where heavier and longer trucks have historically had rollover problems. Similar truck rollover warning systems have been installed in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Independent evaluations of these systems have shown the systems are highly effective in reducing rollover accidents. Testing at three FHWA prototype sites showed a complete elimination of rollover accidents over a period of more than five years.

IRD has developed and patented this system and several other safety warning techniques including the Downhill Truck Speed Advisory, Runaway Truck Signal Control Preemption, Animal Warning, and Dynamic Work Zone Safety Systems.