Super Bowl trucker ad passes for yuks, punts on main point

| 1/24/2003

Attention truckers: You may cringe at the 30-second ad you’ll see during this Sunday’s Super Bowl XXXVII.

The reason: The ad features a “loose” truck rambling dangerously through cornfields and intersections as it demolishes a billboard, a roadside attraction and finally, a gas station. The ad goes on to say, “Somewhere a truck company needs a driver; somewhere a driver needs a job; and that’s where we come in. Blue collar, white collar or no collar, works for everybody.” 

The good news: Because the ad, which features a voice-over by trucking deejay Bill Mack, means to recruit truckdrivers, the rambling big rig is shown to have no driver behind the wheel.

However, Todd Spencer, executive vice president of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, said, “We suspect the ad for won’t leave a positive impression, even though trucks and truckdrivers will make a memorable impression on the millions of viewers who watch this year’s Super Bowl

“Many will see the ad as humorous, as it’s intended to be, but unfortunately, the ad will reinforce untrue stereotypes concerning trucking safety and myths that persist that there’s a driver shortage.

“At least the ad’s producers didn’t add teeth to the truck’s grill,” Spencer said.

To view the ad online, go to "" and scroll down to the link. If you’re so inclined, you can contact the advertiser to share your thoughts about real truckdrivers and the real trucking industry.