Missouri officials working to widen U.S. 36

| 1/23/2003
Local officials in northern Missouri are working to create a transportation district that would help finish a new four-lane highway across the state, the St. Joseph News-Press reported Jan. 22.

Only 52 miles of two-lane road still exist along the highway, U.S. 36, which crosses the state between St. Joseph, a Missouri River town on the western side of the state, and Hannibal, a Mississippi River town on the eastern border with Illinois. The remaining two-lane section runs between Macon and Hannibal.

The transportation district is being promoted by the Highway 36/I-72 Association, which met Jan. 21 in Chillicothe and was supported by a recent resolution by the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission.

The proposed district would include five counties and would help fund the $150 million necessary to build the remaining interstate-grade highway, the newspaper reported.