Diesel prices rise

| 1/22/2003

According to figures released by the Energy Department Jan. 21, the national average cost of diesel fuel this week rose to $1.48 from last week's average price of $1.478.

The buck-fifty range continued in the following regions: The East Coast, where the price is $1.51; in New England, $1.594; in the Central Atlantic, $1.589; on the West Coast, $1.528; and in California, where the price is $1.71.

The lowest prices nationally were in the Gulf Coast region, at $1.454 per gallon; and in the Rocky Mountain region, where the price remained the same as last week at $1.445.

The remaining regions' prices per gallon are as follows: the Lower Atlantic, $1.469; and the Midwest, where the price averages out at $1.459.

The Department of Energy reports the average price of self-serve fuel each week. Prices are based on a survey of 350 diesel service centers nationwide and include taxes.