Two bills would cut recent increase in CT fuel tax

| 1/21/2003

Truckers may get a break from an 8-cent-per-gallon increase in the diesel tax approved just last year in Connecticut.

Two bills recently introduced in the state’s Legislature would repeal the increase in the diesel fuel tax, which was approved last year and became effective Aug. 1, 2002.

Rep. Richard O. Belden (R-113th District) has introduced HB5126, and Rep. Lenny T. Winkler (R-41st District) has introduced HB5234, both of which call on the state to eliminate the tax starting April 1, 2003.

Action to repeal the tax was predicted in a pre-session report by the state’s chief legislative analyst.

“There may be proposals to roll back the increase on the grounds that it leads interstate truckers to avoid buying fuel in Connecticut, thereby undercutting projected revenue gains,” the report, written by Chief Analyst Judith Lohman, said.

HB5126 was referred to the Joint Committee on Finance, Revenue and Bonding Jan. 15; HB5234 was referred to the same committee Jan. 17.