Rush Enterprises purchases El Paso Great Basin Trucks

| 8/30/2001

Rush Enterprises Inc., which operates the largest network of Peterbilt heavy-duty truck dealerships in North America, recently announced it has acquired El Paso Great Basin Trucks Inc., a Peterbilt dealer. The $2.5 million deal gives Rush the exclusive rights to sell Peterbilt trucks and parts in west Texas and southern New Mexico.

Rush now operates 34 locations in seven states. The San Antonio-based company intends to operate El Paso Trucks as a full-service Peterbilt franchise, and will begin to integrate their operations into the Rush Truck Centers immediately.

"With the acquisition of this franchise, Rush is now the sole provider of Peterbilt new trucks, parts and service at every major United States-Mexico border crossing between south Texas and southern California," said W. Marvin Rush, chairman and CEO of Rush Enterprises. "With the continued booming growth throughout the southwest coupled with the successful growth of NAFTA related businesses, this acquisition is a great geographical fit for Rush."