Tucson considers speed increase

| 8/29/2001

Because so many motorists are exceeding the 55-mph speed limit on Tucson's interstates, the Arizona Department of Transportation has proposed raising the limit to 65 mph on most of the areas freeways. The agency wants to better reflect actual driving speeds on freeways, where studies show that most motorists exceed the limit by 10-15 mph.

The speed limit along Interstate 10, a major truck route, would increase from Ina Road to Prince Road and from Kino Parkway to Craycroft Road, the Arizona Daily Star reported. About 40 percent of vehicles traveling along the freeway are commercial vehicles. ADOT did not say where the speed limit would rise on Interstate 19.

A final decision on increasing the speed limit on I-10 and I-19 could come within the next month - three years after traffic engineers began working on the idea. The state Department of Public Safety opposes the increase, saying faster vehicles means less time to react in emergencies.