California black box bill stuck in committee

| 8/27/2001

SB1048, the bill that required mandatory on-board recording devices in every California truck, has been determined dead (permanently stuck in committee) for the rest of California's first year of session. A spokesman for Sen. Jackie Speier's office said he doubted the senator would ask for another hearing on the bill "without drastically changing the language to meet the expectations of the transportation committee."

The bill passed the Senate earlier this year, but the Assembly put the brakes on the legislation after the bill stalled in recent hearings. In an important hearing on July 9, OOIDA board members Woody Chambers and Tim Trotter lambasted the bill's black box mandate on behalf of OOIDA members, calling it ridiculous and poorly thought out. Chambers pointed out that since HOS regs require the keeping of records up to seven days prior and also would have to be tracked by onboard recording devices under the bill, California would be effectively regulating conduct outside the state. Chambers told lawmakers that this is a violation of the Commerce Clause under the U.S. Constitution.

The bill may not be totally buried, however. Because the bill was granted reconsideration status, under California law, it does not need to be reintroduced next session. As of Jan. 7, 2002, Speier simply can ask for another hearing.