Dallas cops ‘get tough’ on speeders

| 1/17/2003

Drivers traveling on Dallas freeways might want to stay well behind any identifiable police cars driving in side-by-side formation.

This week, Dallas police made public an aggressive plan to crack down on speeders, using techniques such as rolling blockades in which patrol cars drive the speed limit and pull over drivers who pass them, The Dallas Morning News reported.

On Monday, Dallas Police Chief Terrell Bolton said the aim of the program was to reduce traffic fatalities. Last year, 169 people were reportedly killed in Dallas wrecks.

“I’m telling these officers to have zero tolerance,” Bolton said. “In the event that people don’t comply, here’s the hammer, and we’re going to use the hammer.”

The program will use marked and unmarked patrol cars that will watch for drivers who break traffic laws or drive too aggressively, the newspaper reported. The program is a yearlong initiative, but police said they might extend it.