Florida bill sets up new fines for overweight trucks

| 1/16/2003

A bill in Florida would set up a new schedule of fines for overweight trucks in the Sunshine state, according to information on the Florida Legislature’s Web site.

Under the bill, SB0202, the fines for overweight tractor-trailers would increase depending on how overweight a truck is and how many citations the truck has received for being overweight in one year.

The bill would set fines for trucks that are up to 500 pounds overweight at $35 for the first violation. The fine would increase to $80 for the third violation.

Trucks that are more than 500 pounds overweight are also levied an additional fine per pound under the bill, ranging from 7 cents per pound for trucks 1,000 pounds overweight on their first offense, to 56 cents per pound for trucks more than 2,000 pounds overweight on their third offense.

The bill was prefiled Jan. 6, but it won’t be acted on soon; the Florida Legislature’s regular session doesn’t start until March 4.