Bill would open the road for truckers to get home

| 1/15/2003

Bluegrass state truckers may have an easier time getting to their old Kentucky home under a bill proposed in the Kentucky Legislature.

Currently in Kentucky, 102-inch-wide tractor-trailers may only operate on the state’s interstates, parkways (four-lane interstate-style highways operated by the state) and other approved state highways, according to information on the state Legislature’s Web site. The regulation created an inconvenience for drivers whose homes weren’t close to an approved highway.

However, HB124 introduced Jan. 7 by state Rep. Danny Ford (R-Mount Vernon) – would allow those tractor-trailers to drive up to 15 miles off an interstate or other approved highway solely for the purpose of driving home, or returning to the interstate from home.

The Kentucky Legislature’s session started Jan. 7. The bill was sent to the House Transportation Committee Jan. 8.