Mother Nature blamed for series of Utah pileups

| 1/13/2003

About 60 vehicles crashed Wednesday morning in a series of pileups along an icy, fog-shrouded stretch of I-80 just west of Salt Lake City. There were no fatalities reported.

"This was all caused by the weather," patrol Cpt. Alan Workman told USA Today. "It was the moisture on the roads freezing over."

The newspaper reported 14 crashes involving 59 vehicles, at least five of them tractor-trailers. At least 11 people were taken to hospitals, four of them seriously injured.

The seriously injured included one woman who was trapped in her car after being shoved under a burning tractor-trailer, according to local media. She was freed after 90 minutes.

At one crash site, 17 vehicles, including three big rigs, reportedly had piled up and cargo from a tipped-over semi littered the roadway.

The interstate was shut down through the afternoon because of the crashes.