Cummins QuickCheck II captures engine, brake and transmission information

| 3/1/2002

Cummins has a new system for Palm or HandEra handheld devices that easily reads and holds engine, transmission and brake system information from electronic diesel engines. The system now covers all diesel engine broadcasts including SAE J1939 and J1587 data.

Using the parameter screen on the handheld device, a range of engine functions can be checked in real time, including data from sensors and switches to engine diagnostic information. Engine load and speed, coolant and intake manifold temperatures, output torque, fuel rate and transmission oil pressure. Engine data information can then be downloaded later on a personal computer.

The Quickcheck software is compatible with PalmIII, IIIe, IIIxe, VII and V (additional adapter required for V) handheld devices. For more information call Palm at (847)262-7256 or go to HandEra can be contacted at