Indiana pushes speed limit bill through committee

| 1/28/2002

Truckers who reside and vote in Indiana need to contact their elected representatives and voice their concerns immediately. A bill raising the speed limit for cars but not trucks was passed by a House committee Wednesday.

HB1308 was approved 11-2 by the Public Policy Committee. If the bill passes Senate debate it would increase the legal speed limit from 55 to 60 mph on highways and from 65 to 70 mph on interstates. The speed limits for tractor-trailers, which are 55- and 60-mph, respectively, would not change.

Although HB1308 still faces numerous hurdles, if the bill succeeds, it would create a ten mph speed differential for professional truckers to deal with when traveling on Indiana interstates. Indiana already has a five mile differential on interstates.

Rep. David Wolkins, (R-Winona Lake), is the bill's sponsor. A similar bill was defeated in 1999 on the Senate floor. The general number for the Indiana House of Representatives is (317) 232-9600.