California Proposition 42 targets fuel tax

| 1/28/2002

Citing its specific funding for pothole repair, traffic safety and public transit, state officials and organizations are pushing support of Proposition 42. The measure on the March 5 statewide ballot will dedicate the sales tax motorists already pay on transportation fuel to pay for transportation projects including street repair, road improvements and mass transit. Prop 42 would take the state's share of fuel sales tax now allotted to the general fund and use it to fund highway and transit projects. Proponents of the measure say it would add more than $1 billion to transportation coffers each year.

A recent study found California's roads are the most deteriorated in the nation while the state is spending the least per capita to fix them. More than a third of the state's 168,000 miles of road are rated "poor," according to a 2000 report by The Road Information Program (TRIP). The TRIP study, which found that 37 percent of California's roads are poor, was completed for Transportation California. TRIP said its analysis of data found that California spent $82 per person on maintenance. According to the report, the bottom five also included Illinois, which spent $94 per capita; Michigan, $106; Minnesota, $108; and Ohio, $109. The report looks at interstates, freeways, major state roads and arterial roads.

Some of the organizations supporting Prop. 42 include the California Organization of Police and Sheriffs, California Taxpayers' Association, California State Automobile Association, California Chamber of Commerce, California State Council of Laborers, California Transit Association, California Police Chiefs Association, California Fire Chiefs Association, Transportation California, and California Alliance for Jobs.

Al Lundeen, media contact for Prop. 42 in the Sacramento area, said a date has not yet been set for a hearing. For a complete list of organizations supporting the measure or to add your comments on Proposition 42, call your district representative or visit