Prophesy releases enhanced mileage and routing software

| 1/25/2002

Prophesy Transportation Inc. has announced an update of its cartographic database, which supplies routing information for the company's mileage and routing software. More than 25,000 transportation companies nationwide use the software.

The update incorporates changes to the North American road system, speed limits, exit numbers, zip codes and other key changes critical to drivers. The database is present in the new version of Prophesy Mileage and Routing.

The software automates tasks such as looking up mileage and quoting rates over the telephone, optimizing multiple stop trips, and routing between cities, intersections, truckstops and zip codes. The program is designed to help trucking companies run cost effectively by reducing out-of-route miles. It also provides mileage summaries by state to streamline fuel tax reporting. For more information, visit or call 1-800-776-6706.