South Carolina worker's truck has gone to the dogs

| 1/13/2003

When truckers look under the hood of their vehicles, they’re usually looking for a mechanical problem or maybe checking to see if their fluids are low.

For the most part, they’re not looking for puppies.

But that’s what Marty Mills, who works for the city of Elgin, SC, found the other day when he looked under his Mack truck.

Mills told WIS television in Columbia, SC, that one day recently, as he looked at his rig, he "noticed a puppy on the ground and then he saw another one drop."

The mother dog had climbed up under the truck’s hood from the bottom and was giving birth.

"She just kinda climbed up, and she was wedged under here,” Mills said. “We just kinda started taking stuff off and we got her out."

Mills and his co-workers played midwife to seven puppies, even helping the dog deliver one that came into the world breech.

The mother and puppies have found a home with West Columbia resident Patricia Richards and her family, who act as pet foster parents. The family has named the mother “Treasure.”