National average cost of diesel slips to $1.177 per gallon

| 1/23/2002

According to the Department of Energy's survey of retail diesel prices (on-highway use), the week ending Jan. 21 saw the national U.S. average cost per gallon fall from $1.159 to $1.140.

On the East Coast, fuel slipped a bit from $1.192 to $1.177; in New England, however, it remained the same as last week, $1.295. In the Central Atlantic region, the cost per gallon dropped from $1.283 to $1.267; in the lower Atlantic region, prices averaged $1.128, down from $1.144.

The best prices for fuel last week were in the Midwest ($1.112) and Gulf Coast ($1.111). In the Rocky Mountain region, a gallon of diesel sold last week for $1.126, only slightly down from last week.

In California, the price of fuel hit a low of $1.242, the cheapest since the record-setting week of Dec. 17.