Hammer2 from Hammerlane is here

| 1/23/2002

Hammerlane Software System, West Linn, OR, announces a significant upgrade to the 10-year old HammerLane owner-operator software program, after six years of customer input and over one year of programming using a newer more powerful programming language.

According to the company's web site, current and prospective customers can download the new program from www.hammerlane.com. The new Hammer2 demo is a separate program and can be run along with the old Hammer.

Hammerlane's Fred Gasperson says the Leased Fleet version of Hammer2 has a help bar on each screen that guides the user each stop of the way. The Owner-Operator version includes an on-screen, cents-per-mile, profit-and-loss breakout for each trip.

HammerLane software is available with the Prophesy Pro Mileage database or without a mileage database.