Trucker who lost arm settles for $1 million

| 1/23/2002

A California jury awarded John Abbona $1-million in economic damages last Friday for an accident in which the car hauler lost his arm. The Tulare County Superior Court decided Jan. 18 that a Porterville trucking company, Covenant Convoy, was at fault in a June 2000 accident that caused Abbona to lose his arm, the Porterville Recorder reported.

Abbona was injured at a Chevrolet dealership when the upper deck of the car carrier he had delivered engaged and crushed his arm. Abbona's attorney said evidence showed that Covenant Convoy knew the spring on the transport trailer was broken, but did not tell the trucker or repair it before leasing the trailer.

Reportedly Abbona was also awarded $250,000 in non-economic damages and his wife received $50,000 in non-economic damages.