Oregon to widen, fix highways

| 1/22/2002

The Oregon Transportation Commission has disbursed $400 million to widen highways, build new interchanges and fix bridges and roads across the state. Money to pay back the bonds approved by the 2001 legislature will come from fee increases, mostly a $20 boost in car title fees to $30.

The commission authorized $200 million for 40 road-widening and interchange-construction projects, $70 million for 41 road-paving projects and $130 million for bridge repair. In many cases, the state money will be matched by local money and in some cases, local governments agreed to take ownership of a state road in exchange for the money to fix it.

Among the widening and interchange projects are adding an eastbound lane on the Sunset Highway between Oregon 217 and Southwest Camelot Court, building a new south Medford interchange on Interstate 5, rehabilitating the Broadway Bridge in Portland and repairing several cracked freeway bridges in Eastern Oregon.