Long Beach port testing new ID cards

| 1/10/2003

Truckers, longshoremen and other workers at waterfront terminals soon may be required to flash new identification cards to gain access to the Port of Long Beach as part of a plan to enhance port security, according to a local report.


As part of a new pilot program, the port will test digital and holographic photo identity cards with an embedded electronic chip, magnetic strip, bar code and an optical laser strip, the Long Beach Press Telegram reported. The project will review the different technologies to determine the best option.


A prototype worker card system reportedly will be in place by January 2004.


Since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, security has taken on extra importance at the Long Beach-Los Angeles harbor complex. Several measures have since been put in place to protect the areas, which combined, make up the busiest marine complex in the United States and third-busiest in the world, the Telegram reported.