Four cleared in alleged truck bomb plot

| 1/17/2002

Florida law enforcement officials have cleared four men accused of plotting to assassinate Gov. Jeb Bush using a truck bomb. The threat was deemed less credible after the four accused each passed lie detector tests.

Yousef Ahmed Srour, who is jailed in Broward County on immigration, cocaine trafficking, aggravated assault and violation of probation charges, named the four men for planning to kill Gov. Bush. Authorities are unsure how Srour, a native of Tel Aviv, Israel, obtained the names of the four men, who are all of Middle Eastern descent.

In a letter addressed to Gov. Bush and received at the Capitol in December, Srour claimed four men with possible Middle Eastern connections were trying to contract someone to drive a truck filled with explosives to Tallahassee and blow up the governor.

FBI agents say Srour, who failed several lie-detector tests, may have simply concocted the story in hopes of cutting a deal with prosecutors in his own criminal case, according to published reports. But, a tip he provided to investigators led them to a van that apparently contained traces of explosives. No arrests in connection with the van have been made.