Kentucky to inspect rear impact guards

| 1/17/2002

In an attempt by Kentucky legislators to clear up discrepancies in current law, Sens. Ray Jones (D-District 31), W. Blevins (D-District 27), Richard Adams (D-District 6), Ernesto Scorsone (D-District 13) and Ed Worley (D-district 43) are co-sponsoring a bill to define "rear impact guards and rear end protection."

SB79 was introduced on the Senate floor Jan. 9. The bill would require the Transportation Cabinet and the State Police to include the inspection of rear impact guards when performing safety inspections and require the Transportation Cabinet to include violations of missing or defective rear guards in the out-of-service criteria used for safety inspections. The bill also allows a vehicle placed out of service to drive to their destination before repairs are made if the vehicle is transporting animals or perishable goods.

If passed, SB79 would establish a fine of $250 per violation. If the owner has the affected part replaced within 30 days, the county attorney must dismiss the ticket. If the owner chooses not to fix the rear guard after they have been issued a citation, warnings will be issued for 90 days and the vehicle then will be placed out of service.