Virginia lawmaker: Protect transportation trust fund

| 1/8/2003

A Virginia lawmaker is planning to introduce a constitutional amendment to prevent the use of the Transportation Trust Fund to make up for shortfalls in the state's general fund, the Prince William Times reported.

State Sen. Jay O'Brien (R-39th District), who represents a portion of suburban Washington, DC, said he would introduce his bill partly because, at the same time Gov. Mark Warner was urging Northern Virginians to support a sales-tax hike to pay for transportation, the governor was also taking money from the transportation fund for other uses, the newspaper reported. O'Brien said the governor's policy "sent such a bad signal and was a breach of faith."

"This would be a constitutional amendment that would say the monies set aside for transportation go to the trust fund and cannot be used for other purposes," O'Brien said.

The legislative session begins Wednesday, Jan. 8.