DOT's OIG auditing NAFTA's cross-border provisions

| 1/8/2003

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is currently auditing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's implementation of NAFTA's cross-border trucking provisions.

The audit, as required by law, follows an initial audit issued June 25, 2002.

"As we did in our first audit, we will verify whether FMCSA has staff, facilities, equipment and procedures in place to implement the basic requirements of the (Fiscal Year 2002 Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations Act)," Barbara Cobble, program director, said.

The act directed the OIG to conduct a comprehensive audit of border operations within 180 days of passage and to conduct a second audit within 180 days after completing the first audit.

"We will also determine how effectively the resources are being used and whether procedures are implemented as planned," Cobble said.

The follow-up audit will be conducted mostly at FMCSA headquarters; the border states of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas; Mexican motor carriers; and other selected field locations.