Arkansas lawmakers pre-file HB1030 for base-plate remedy

| 1/7/2003

On Dec. 20, Rep. Don House (D-Walnut Ridge) pre-filed "emergency" legislation that would exempt from the state sales and use tax the gross receipts in excess of $1,000 derived from the sale of a truck tractor and in excess of $500 from the sale of a semi-trailer. The proposal is co-sponsored by Johnnie Bolin (D-Crossett). The two lawmakers call it a compromise that will help hundreds of Arkansas truckers stop baseplating in other states (primarily Oklahoma) and begin buying tags in their home state without incurring unreasonable back taxes, penalties and interest.

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration has indicated its intent to collect gross receipts and compensating use tax on trucking equipment purchased for at least the past three years by Arkansas trucking businesses that used third party registration agents in Oklahoma to register their equipment. The collection of this money will have a devastating effect on the trucking business in Arkansas, forcing many truckers out of business, into bankruptcy or to relocate outside Arkansas.

Other sponsors include Rep. Agee, Bolin, Biggs, Borhauer, Clemons, Cowling, Dickinson, Eason, Fite, Green, Hutchinson, Jackson, Jones, Mack, Mathis, Ormond, L.Prater, Rankin, Seawel, Sullivan, Thomas, J. Wood. Senate sponsors include Sen. Holt, Whitaker and Womack.

To read the proposed bill, go to:

The Arkansas General Assembly's session convenes Jan. 13.