FDLE investigates alleged threat against Gov. Jeb Bush

| 1/11/2002

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) confirmed Thursday the investigation of an alleged threat against Gov. Jeb Bush. A letter addressed to Gov. Bush and received at the Capitol in late December triggered an immediate investigation by FDLE.

"All threats against Gov. Bush are taken seriously," said FDLE Commissioner James T. Moore. "FDLE is conducting a thorough investigation in conjunction with the FBI and local law enforcement authorities. During this heightened state of alert in our nation and Florida, all necessary security precautions are being taken to guarantee the Governor's safety."

Commissioner Moore briefed Gov. Bush on the most recent developments. The governor was expected home Thursday night from out-of-state fundraisers for his re-election campaign.

Local and national news reports said the FBI joined Florida authorities to investigate the letter from a Florida prison inmate, who named four people he said were involved in a plot to kill Gov. Bush using a truck bomb. Major television networks broadcasted Thursday night that agents seized a truck in Broward County after bomb-sniffing dogs detected the scent of bomb-making materials in the empty truck. No arrests were made.