RadioShack apologizes to truckers

| 1/9/2002

RadioShack has apologized for an ad that has drawn the ire of many truckers, some of which are among the company's best customers.

The electronics chain mailed a sales catalog around the first of the year with an ad that reads: "You're on your wireless, when suddenly an 18-wheeler is in your lane, cutting you off! Good thing you had both hands on the wheel, thanks to the hands-free wireless headset from RadioShack."

After receiving numerous complaints from trucking professionals, a RadioShack customer service spokesperson issued an apology Jan. 2, which states in part: "We sincerely apologize to members of the trucking profession." The ad "was certainly not intended to offend anyone...In the future we commit to showing more sensitivity."

The statement continues: "Trucking professionals provide a vital role in public safety on today's roads as they are usually first to report traffic accidents...We recognize the vital role the trucking industry plays in the economy of our country and appreciate the role trucking professionals play in helping keep our nation's roads safer."