Massive pileup kills one in California

| 1/7/2002

More than 70 vehicles collided Thursday on a foggy highway northwest of Los Angeles in the foothills of the Tehachapi Mountains, killing one person and injuring 15, authorities said. The visibility near the accident scene reportedly went from 100 feet at one point to about zero.

Authorities said 77 vehicles were involved in the pileup, including a cement truck, several big rigs, a county firetruck and a California Department of Corrections prisoner van. The chain-reaction wreck, which reportedly went on for about 10 minutes, shut down State Route 58 near Bakersfield for a few hours.

Killed in the pileup was Carl Woosley, of Bakersfield, who died when his appliance repair truck was struck by a semi. The truck was reported to have veered into a center divider to avoid the collision, but its trailer crashed into the back of Woosley's pickup.

There were 15 separate crashes involving the 77 vehicles. Forty-two vehicles collided on the eastbound side of the highway and 25 on the westbound side.