IFTA grants license and decal grace period

By Keith Goble, Land Line state legislative editor | 1/2/2002

All IFTA jurisdictions have granted carriers a two-month grace period from the Dec. 31 deadline of the IFTA program implementation to display the IFTA license and decal. Carriers must continue to maintain the proper credentials for traveling in member jurisdictions until they display the valid IFTA license and decals.

"It's important if you were leased to a company in 2001, but will be leased to another company in 2002," said Bob McKee, executive director for International Fuel Tax Association Inc. "The decal for 2001 will not be valid after the grace period. You could be cited if you don't have documentation in the cab for 2002."

Carriers must display one of the following to travel through IFTA member jurisdictions through Feb. 28, 2002: a valid 2002 IFTA license and two IFTA decals issued by an IFTA member jurisdiction; a valid 2001 IFTA license and two IFTA decals from a jurisdiction that was an IFTA member during 2001; or a valid trip permit issued by the IFTA member jurisdiction through which they are operating. Member jurisdictions include the 48 states and 10 Canadian provinces.