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Delay of electronic logging mandate gains more allies in Congress

Washington's enhanced distracted driving law starts July 23

Truck access crisis eases after Maersk cyberattack

Six Midwestern states cracking down on speeding on July 21-23

Rhode Island company hit with record fine for hauling superload without a permit

Rand McNally files defamation lawsuit against ONE20

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FMCSA not exactly rockin’ that ELD National Tour
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has hit the road with its “ELD Implementation National…

Truckers not only drivers experiencing ‘parking pain’
Truckers are having a difficult time getting more parking spaces added to the infrastructure, but they…

OOIDA member, wife make cooking in a truck a lifestyle
When James and Carie Partin started as team drivers about seven years ago, they ate at truck stop rest…

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TANDEM THOUGHTS: FMCSA not exactly rockin' that ELD National Tour

California Legislature advances new CDL training requirements

Trump signs executive order establishing infrastructure advisory council

Pennsylvania Turnpike 10th annual toll increase goes into effect January 2018

OOIDA to Wisconsin lawmaker: Another truck tax is 'unreasonable and inappropriate'

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Don't get stuck at idle

The reasons for idle-reduction equipment are as important as ever. Protect your truck engine. Reduce operating expenses. Keep yourself safe and comfortable.

2016-17 Winter Chain Law Advisory

Winter Chain Laws

A comprehensive roundup of chain laws and guidelines, now including Canada's chain laws. Here's our 2016-17 advisory.

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