Truck driver helps prevent suicide

| 4/15/2019

Truck driver Dwayne Crawford says it was an “act of God” that he slept in that day he helped prevent a suicide.

Crawford had planned on getting up early and picking up a load in Dallas on March 27. He overslept, however, which had him traveling along Interstate 20 in Arlington, Texas, when police had stopped traffic because a teenager was standing on top of the Kelly Elliott Bridge. The teenager was threatening to jump.

“As I approached the bridge, traffic was slowing down and getting pretty crowded,” Crawford said in an interview with Land Line Now. “I looked on top of the bridge, and I could see police cars on both ends of the bridge. I could see the kid standing there.”

The late start to the day placed Crawford in the right place at the right time. Around the same time, Arlington Police Cpl. Deric Sheriff, a former truck driver and OOIDA member, got the idea to flag down a big rig.

Sheriff asked Crawford if he would be willing to park under the bridge to break the fall of the teenager in case he jumped. Sheriff gave Crawford the choice, and he agreed to help.

“I wouldn’t want to make someone do that and then something go horribly wrong to where they would have to live with it, and I would have to live with forcing someone to do it,” Sheriff said.

Seconds after Crawford pulled his rig under the bridge, the teenager jumped.

“I got to the bridge, and the young man looked at me right in the eyes, and I could see that he was serious about what he was doing,” Crawford said. “As soon as I got under the bridge, he dropped. He landed right on top of the container.”

The teenager suffered no major injuries. Police said the teenager was taken to the hospital after the incident.

“Fortunately, I was in the right spot,” Crawford said.



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