Company drivers, OOIDA wants to hear from you

By Land Line staff | 4/11/2019

OOIDA is conducting an anonymous survey of its company driver members to highlight priorities important to all drivers in the industry.

“In these times of economic and political commotion, the Association needs the information of professional drivers, such as yourself, as a representative of the trucking industry. As you well know, many past, present, and future regulations threaten to change the landscape of the overall trucking industry,” the email from the OOIDA Foundation states.

It’s important to stress that this current survey is focused on company drivers only.

“While almost all other surveys focus on the owners, business managers, dispatchers and safety directors for information on economic and regulatory issues, we want your opinion, the driver, the person who truly drives the economy and represents the industry,” the email explained.

“Very few people in Washington understand your business, and most have never set foot inside a truck. They do not comprehend the difficulties associated with being a professional driver. This is your chance to effect change within the industry and give your information a collective voice that speaks loudly of the issues specific to the company driver.”

Andrew King of the OOIDA Foundation spoke with Land Line Now about the survey. You can hear his interview here.

The 78-question survey is due back by May 6.



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