OOIDA: Beware of predatory UCR fee collection schemes

By Land Line staff | 4/9/2019

The on again, off again confusion with the Unified Carrier Registration fees and deadlines has opened the door for scammers looking to prey on motor carriers.

Members of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association have received reports and emails from third-party UCR vendors claiming their UCR fees were delinquent or late. Many times, this is not the case and the fee has already been paid.

“Unfortunately, this really isn’t anything new when it comes to UCR fees,” OOIDA Permits and Licensing Department Supervisor Crystal Minardi told Land Line. “We have fielded complaints about these sorts of tactics starting shortly after the UCR program began.”

Minardi said many times third-party predators use strong-arm sales tactics and misinformation to confuse motor carriers into paying the fee, with exorbitant service fees attached to the filing.

“Anytime you get a notice like this and have any doubt at all, you need to double check that your fee has been paid,” she said.

Motor carriers can log into the UCR website and check the status of their compliance. OOIDA can assist members in double checking as well.

The UCR fees were due by April 1. However, as is par for the course, things did not go smoothly, and there are enough motor carriers that have not paid to warrant a call from the UCR board to delay enforcement until May 1. However, that request does not necessarily have to be honored by the states.

A UCR Plan board member confirmed with OOIDA’s Permits and Licensing Department that the recommendation does not mean that all states have to comply, however. That means carriers that have not paid the UCR registration by April 1 could still be issued a ticket at the state’s discretion.

Minardi said in order to avoid tickets it is best to confirm you have paid the fee and if not, do so as soon as possible.

OOIDA members can get assistance with submitting their fees through the Permits and Licensing Department.

UCR fees for 2019 and 2020 were published in the Federal Register last December. FMCSA was delayed in publishing the fee schedule earlier because of a need to reduce fees from previous levels. Since 2016, motor carriers paying into the UCR program have overpaid the revenue due to the 41 participating states. The UCR board recommended reducing starting in 2018. The fees were again reduced in 2019 with the official publication. For example, for the smallest motor carrier the 2019 fees are $14 cheaper than they paid in 2017 and $7 cheaper than in 2018.

Fees for 2020 also were set in the final rule, and, while they show an increase over the 2018 fees, they still remain lower than 2017 fees.

Fees for 2019

Fleet size Fee
0-2 $62
3-5 $185
6-20 $368
21-100 $1,283
101-1,000 $6,112
1,001 or more $59,689

Fees for 2020

Fleet size Fee
0-2 $68
3-5 $204
6-20 $407
21-100 $1,420
101-1,000 $6,766
1,001 and more $66,072





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