OOIDA's Compliance Connection helps owner-operators manage paperwork

By Land Line staff | 7/27/2018

No matter the size, managing a fleet of trucks and drivers can be burdensome. Keeping tabs on which truck and which driver is compliant can be difficult and easy to forget.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association is now offering a new program called Compliance Connection to relieve a lot of that burden.

Compliance Connection assists members to be in compliance with driver qualification files, equipment maintenance files, drug and alcohol files, and an accident register. With friendly reminders when due dates are coming up, think of Compliance Connection as a digital personal assistant.

One feature includes storing driver qualification files. Compliance Connection will make sure that driver forms are filled out completely and correctly.

It can be easy to forget the expiration dates of certifications and other necessary documents. No problem. Compliance Connection will track expiration dates on medical certificates, Motor Vehicle Report and CDLs. When that date approaches, the program will send the account holder a notice.

Paperwork is organized, allowing auditors quick and easy access to review during a new entrant safety audit. It is worth noting that some state auditors may not accept the program to submit forms. Some auditors require paperwork to be submitted directly to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or by some other preferred method. Members should check with their state auditor before using Compliance Connection for that purpose.

The program also works for vehicles by retaining equipment maintenance files. Members can enter all equipment repairs and maintenance as required by FMCSA into the program for their records. Periodic maintenance can be scheduled and tracked. As certain maintenance items come up, the program will send a reminder.

Compliance Connection will house annual inspection certificates, roadside inspection reports and Driver-Vehicle Inspection Reports. As an added bonus, the program can keep track of costs and cost per mile based on the information inputted by the user.

Compliance Connection offers more help than that.

Members of the program also can store copies of leases, contracts, permits, training certifications and pretty much any other document needed for safe keeping. Regardless of which drug consortium the member uses, drug testing information can also be stored in the system.

Compliance Connection is a user-friendly online system and available to members 24/7 on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Pricing will vary depending on size of the fleet. Typically, one truck, one trailer and one driver will be $30 per month plus a one-time $85 set-up fee. Additional fees may apply, call in for pricing information. 

For more information, call 816-229-5791 and ask for Compliance Connection.




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