Tell OOIDA your over-regulation horror story

| 4/11/2017

Truck drivers face thousands of regulations in the daily operation of their trucks. One big problem with that, according to OOIDA, is that very few regulations have been shown to improve highway safety.

In fact, as many truckers know all too well, many regulations actually make truckers the victim more than they make the highways safer.

As part of its new campaign “Knock Out Bad Regs,” the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association is calling on its members to identify regulations most harmful to them and their business. Part of that effort is to collect truck drivers’ over-regulation horror stories. Submit yours here.

OOIDA launched the campaign in response to a changing environment in Washington, D.C.

“With the new president and Congressional leadership on Capitol Hill committing to reduce regulatory burdens on small businesses, we need OOIDA members to help us Knock Out Bad Regs,” OOIDA’s recent communication to members states.

Visit and learn more about Knock Out Bad Regs. While you’re there and have your over-regulation story in your head, identify your member of the House of Representatives and two Senators and give them a call.

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