OOIDA Call To Action: Oppose Speed Limiter Mandate

By Land Line staff | 5/19/2016

(Editor's Note: Earlier today the below Call To Action was issued by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association. After you call Sen. Johnny Isakson's office and the office of your two Senators if you don't live in Georgia, please share their response in the comment section below.)


Yesterday, Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson tacked an amendment onto a routine spending bill that would require the Department of Transportation to issue a rule mandating all commercial trucks to be mechanically speed limited within six months of the bill's final passage. As OOIDA has previously reported, a proposed speed limiter rule has been stuck within the Administration potentially because the numbers surrounding speed limiters simply aren’t adding up.  There is no sound science indicating they make highways any safer. Additionally, there is reason to believe the costs of the potential rule far outweigh any benefits. 

The Isakson amendment actually undermines safety, as all leading highway research shows that speed limiters create dangerous speed differentials on our nation’s highways. They also cause drivers to have less control of the truck during critical times when speed is needed to prevent certain types of crashes.

The measure sets a dangerous precedent since there has not been a hearing in the Senate or House of Representatives on speed limiters.  Furthermore, the recent passage of the FAST Act requires that all proposed Federal Rules must be based on the best science available, examine the impact on various segments of the industry including small businesses, and consider cheaper alternatives.   

Please call Senator Isakson as well as your own Senator and let them know the impact that Senate Amendment #4024 will have on your safety and your business.  Ask them to oppose language mandating speed limiters.    

Contact Senator Isakson, (202) 224-3643

Contact your own Senator 

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OOIDA Call to Action Team 

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