Dear Diary: Truck parking was nonexistent today

By Land Line staff | 5/4/2016

OK, maybe that’s not exactly how the current survey of truck parking availability being conducted by the American Transportation Research Institute goes – but it’s close.

ARTI is looking for truck drivers to volunteer to keep a two-week diary of sorts on their parking adventures. The survey goes into some pretty detailed documentation beyond whether you find parking. The diary asks for entries on parking related to fuel and food stops, the 30-minute mandatory rest breaks as well as the mandatory 10-hour rest break.

The group is collecting information in the diaries related to the time and location of the stops, how long it takes to find available parking, and what sorts of amenities are available at the parking areas.

One clincher piece of information that a lot of drivers will find interesting to record and ponder is how much time out of your available daily on-duty time you lose because of grabbing a parking spot when you find one, instead of risking that one will be available later on down the road.

The information collected in the diaries will build on data of existing truck parking shortages by providing information about driver parking “behavior” as well as how parking uncertainty affects the industry’s productivity.

In the application process, ATRI stresses that all responses on the diary survey will be kept strictly confidential and will be reported only in aggregate form. “Due to the sensitivity of this research, under no circumstances will we release any of your personal or organizational information,” the application form states.

Drivers interested in participating in the two-week parking diary study must prequalify. If selected for participation in the research, ATRI will give the first 100 drivers to complete and return the 14-day diary a $50 gift card. To apply for prequalification, click here.

According to a recent conference call update on the program, ATRI has received approximately 35 completed surveys and hopes to complete the research by later this summer.

Drivers with questions about participating are encouraged to contact ATRI by email at

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