WABCO acquires Laydon Composites Ltd.

| 4/25/2016

WABCO, a component provider for OEMs, has recently acquired Laydon Composites Ltd. (LCL), a manufacturer of aerodynamic devices for heavy-duty trucks and trailers, according to a news release.

LCL, based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, generated approximately $25 million (Canadian dollars) last year. The company has been around for more than 30 years.

WABCO’s acquisition will give worldwide access to LCL products. In a symbiotic relationship, WABCO in turn will be able to expand its North American market access through LCL’s pre-established relationships.

LCL’s collapsible air fairings improve air flow over tractor cabs, reducing fuel usage as much as 12 percent. For trailers, LCL’s patented, SmartWay Elite certified TrailerSkirt and nose fairings reduce air drag for a combined 9 percent fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions.

For more information about WABCO products visit the company website.

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