OOIDA provides tools to make DOT physical a positive experience

By Mark Schremmer, Land Line staff writer | 4/22/2016

Share, search and prepare.

That is the message the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association is sending in regards to Department of Transportation physicals.

Specifically, OOIDA encourages commercial motor vehicle drivers to:
Share your experience so that other drivers will be informed.
Search for reviews that your fellow drivers have submitted.
Prepare for a DOT physical and avoid common mistakes when visiting a Certified Medical Examiner.

The OOIDA website publishes detailed information on how to prepare for a DOT physical, find a certified medical examiner, review a doctor and find a doctor’s reviews from other truckers. The section also offers information about the new medical forms, which began being required on April 20.

In order to find a certified medical examiner, OOIDA provides a link to the Federal Motor Carrier Administration’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

However, OOIDA also offers drivers the ability to read reviews of doctors from their peers. Drivers can search for doctors closest to their hometown. The review includes a rating of 1-5 stars and whether or not truck parking is available. Drivers can also rate doctors on the ease of scheduling an appointment and the accuracy and honest of the CME’s evaluation.

“People can share a review of a medical examiner they’ve gone to, and now we’re up to hundreds of reviews that have been submitted,” said Scott Grenerth, OOIDA’s Director of Regulatory Affairs. “Now, there’s a pretty good likelihood that if someone is looking for a medical examiner in their area they may be able to find a review of one of them from a fellow driver.”

OOIDA does urge drivers to always confirm that the doctor you want to visit is still listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. The reviews are submitted by your fellow drivers, and OOIDA can make no guarantee of the accuracy of information or your personal experience.

Drivers are also encouraged to provide reviews of their own. In addition to ratings, drivers can offer truck parking tips and any additional comments about the experience.

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