Sentencing for CDL test-taking scheme in NYC comes to a close

By Tyson Fisher, Land Line staff writer | 4/20/2016

After indictments were handed out in October 2013 to 11 people involved in a CDL test-taking scheme in the New York City area, the last defendant has been sentenced, according to federal court documents.

Beayaeh Kamara was sentenced to two years’ probation and 100 hours of community service for his role in a widespread CDL test-taking scheme in Brooklyn. Kamara was found guilty in a three-day trial with four other defendants last July. The other 10 defendants have all been sentenced.

CDL applicants paid for a cheating service where they were told to leave the DMV with uncompleted tests that would be completed by Marie Daniel, a co-defendant in the case. Security guards who were co-conspirators in the scheme would allow those who paid for the service to leave the testing area.

Applicants paid between $1,800 and $2,500 for CDL exam answers and escort assistance through DMV processes, according to the Office of Inspector General. The assistance provided to applicants included pencils that contained encoded test answers, Bluetooth headsets that relayed answers, and an external test-taker who was positioned nearby to take the exams.

An investigation found that five New York State DMV test centers were being used for the fraudulent CDL test schemes, the Office of Inspector General noted. Surveillance operations, including the use of remote observation posts and pole-cameras, identified the defendants participating in the fraud scheme, including DMV security personnel, an external test-taker, facilitators, “runners,” and lookouts.

Defendants charged in the case are: Akmal Narzikulov, 28, of Brooklyn; Firdavs Mamadaliev, 22, of Brooklyn; Dale Harper, 48, of Bronx; Joachim Pierre Louis, 32, of Brooklyn; Latoya Bourne, 32, of Brooklyn; Marie Daniel, 47, of Queens Village; Luc Desmangles, 27, of Brooklyn; Beayeah Karmara, 25, of Staten Island; Jose Payano, 44, of Brooklyn; Tanael Daniel, 36, of Brooklyn; and Inocente Rene Gonzalez-Martinez, 57, of Brooklyn.

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