WisDOT begins electronic credential pilot program

| 4/14/2016

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is seeking drivers to participate in a pilot program regarding electronic credentials. WisDOT wants participants to go paperless with certain documents to assess time saved and the convenience of updating credentials.

Already in progress and ending on Sept. 30, participation is informal and voluntary. Drivers who wish to participate are encouraged to have electronic forms of the following documents:

  • IRP cab card or intrastate vehicle certificate of registration
  • Trailer vehicle certificate or registration
  • IFTA license
  • Lease agreement, if lessee is providing IFTA or IRP
  • Authority documents
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Hazmat Registration Certificate
  • Non-hazmat bills of lading

Electronic documents not supported by the pilot program:

  • CDL
  • Federal Medical Examiner Certificate
  • Hazmat shipping papers and related required documents
  • Hazardous material guidebook
  • Emergency response guidebook
  • FMCSA regulations handbook
  • Canadian operating authority
  • Any other paperwork not listed as included

Documents can be presented in a pdf file on a tablet, smartphone or a computer. Law enforcement may request a driver to send the file to an email address. Personal websites with electronic credentials are also acceptable. Drivers must show paper documents to law enforcement if requested, regardless of availability of electronic documents.

Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota are also participating in the program, along with some law enforcement agencies in Illinois. Other states may be added during the pilot.

After the pilot date, a final report will include results and recommend laws and procedure changes needed to implement electronic credentials as a substitute for paper documents.

For more information about the pilot program, including a handbook and roadside brochure, visit the WisDOT website.

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