Truckers Against Trafficking offers free online training

By Tyson Fisher, Land Line staff writer | 5/21/2015

Truckers everywhere have the ability to actively engage in the fight against human trafficking. Truckers Against Trafficking has released its new online training course available at its website to give drivers the tools needed to do their part.

Upon entering the “Education” portion of the website, visitors will see three options: A TAT training video, free online training course and a link to obtain a TAT wallet card. Once completing the trifecta, participants will be better equipped to identify and react to cases of human trafficking.

The first link directs to a 14-minute video overviewing the issues and questions behind human trafficking in the United States. Several people are interviewed giving their perspective or expertise, including an FBI agent, the director of the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, truckers who observed trafficking cases, the Texas assistant attorney general, TAT Executive Director Kendis Paris and a young woman telling her story of being a victim. The video also answers questions regarding what to look for, what to ask, where to look and who to report to.

After the video, a free online training course is provided. The course includes 21 sections that deliver more detailed information about human trafficking as it pertains to the trucking industry. The first two sections are a quick introduction followed by a nine-question quiz gauging the participant’s knowledge before moving on. Don’t worry, the quiz is fairly simple.

The rest of the online training course goes into great depth about the world of human trafficking from the perspective of the trucker, law enforcement and the victims. Each section includes a combination of graphics, supplemental audio and video, or interactive visuals. At the end, a 10-question quiz is administered. Finishers can download and print a TAT wallet card that will remind them what to do if they spot a case of human trafficking.

Including the 14-minute video, the online training takes approximately 45 minutes.

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