Con-way teams up with Truckers Against Trafficking

| 4/10/2015

Another trucking company has joined the ranks of several government agencies, associations and companies to become part of Truckers Against Trafficking. Con-way Inc. has recently announced its partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking in an effort to curb human trafficking.

With a mission “to educate, equip, empower and mobilize members of the trucking and travel plaza industry to combat domestic sex trafficking,” TAT coordinates with government agencies and trucking companies by supplying them with the tools needed to put a stop to human trafficking.

Con-way’s announcement comes shortly after one of its drivers, Kevin Kimmel, received the Harriet Tubman Award from TAT for recognizing that a young woman was being held captive at a truck stop in Virginia. Kimmel’s vigilance and subsequent actions contacting authorities led to the woman’s freedom and the arrest of her captors.

“Something about the situation just didn’t feel right to me,” said Kimmel in a press release. “I called the police figuring that if I was wrong, I’d be putting a damper on someone’s vacation for 15 minutes, but if I was right, I’d maybe be making a big difference in that girl's life.”

Con-way joins the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association and more than 100 companies registered with Truckers Against Trafficking, including 32 other state trucking associations and more than 100,000 individual trained employees. Individual drivers and companies can register by going to TAT’s website and clicking “TAT Trained.”

In a statement provided by Con-way, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia said, “Human trafficking crimes cannot be solved without people like Mr. Kimmel providing critically important tips to law enforcement, and awareness programs like Truckers Against Trafficking are very beneficial in providing education to truck drivers and bringing awareness to this national issue.”

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