Colorado trucking company busted for numerous violations

By Tyson Fisher, Land Line staff writer | 2/19/2015

Continuing the crackdown on delinquent trucking companies, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has declared a Colorado-based trucking company to be an imminent hazard to public safety and has placed it out of service, according to the agency. The company violated numerous regulations.

Sorbon Transport Inc., which is located in the Aurora area, was found to be in violation of maintenance, hours of service and controlled substance/alcohol regulations after a Feb. 9 federal investigation, according to official documents.

Court documents reveal that an investigation was prompted after two incidents earlier this month. On Feb. 6, a 2007 Peterbilt with a 1998 trailer owned by Sorbon was inspected. Eight serious out-of-service violations were found plus six other maintenance violations. The truck was towed to a nearby lodging facility on Feb. 9. Three days later, the Peterbilt was no longer in the lot. Sorbon Transport claimed it was unaware of the location of the truck or cargo.

On Feb. 9, an inspection of a Sorbon-owned 2007 Freightliner pulling a 1997 trailer was discovered to have two serious out-of-service violations and 12 other maintenance violations. According to legal documents, the violations were similar to those found during the Feb. 6 inspection.

Federal investigators were refused access to documents, facilities and vehicles during an investigation prompted on Feb. 9. A second request from investigators yielded limited access. After a few hours, investigators were told by Sorbon to leave the premises.

Despite an advanced notice from federal transportation officials, only one vehicle was provided to investigators during an inspection scheduled for Feb. 10. Sorbon refused access to two vehicles that were on the premises. One vehicle was intentionally moved from the location. In total, only two of nine vehicles were inspected.

A separate inspection back in December 2014 discovered a Sorbon driver violating hours-of-service rules.

Investigators ultimately determined that Sorbon Transport violated the following regulations:

  • Adequate maintenance program and record keeping;
  • Hours of service, including record keeping and violating the 14-hour rule twice in one trip; and
  • Controlled substance and alcohol program; no pre-employment testing; only one in five enrolled in random test program, with three of four enrolled not identified as drivers for the company.

Sorbon Transport has been in operation since April 2014. Owner Jovidon Sorbon previously owned Five Star Auto Transporter. An “unsatisfactory” safety rating was given to the company on Dec. 23, 2013. Mr. Sorbon ran Sorbon Auto Trans in between Five Star Auto Transporter and Sorbon Transport. That company also experienced compliance issues with FMCSA regulations.

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