Truckers should be watchful of theft problem in eastern Arkansas

| 2/17/2015

Truckers in parts of Arkansas should remain on high alert for thieves. FreightWatch International has received reports of more than 40 theft events in the state.

Thefts at truck stops and highway pull-offs have occurred over the past several weeks along I-40 between West Memphis, Ark., and Forrest City, Ark., and along I-55 between West Memphis Ark., and Turrell, Ark.

Law enforcement officials have detained one suspect. The investigation is ongoing.

Truckers are advised to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to police and their dispatch. FreightWatch recommends that drivers back the trailer against a solid structure if they must stop in the area.

Thieves have been breaking seals on trailers and opening the door to determine whether or not the cargo is worth stealing. In a method of theft known as “shopping,” cargo that criminals deemed unworthy of stealing was often left alone. Everything from poultry to firearms has been stolen.

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