A really bad report card: FMCSA shuts down Vegas-based carrier

By Tyson Fisher, Land Line staff writer | 2/13/2015

JDJD Transportation, a Las Vegas-based trucking company, has been shut down after a laundry list of safety regulations violations, including hours-of-service noncompliance and invalid CDLs, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Federal investigators began looking into JDJD Transportation last month after several roadside inspections revealed safety concerns. FMCSA found many violations, including:

  • No program for safety management or safety compliance;
  • Failure to ensure compliance of HOS and records of duty status;
  • Failure to ensure that vehicles are inspected and repaired;
  • Failure to properly secure and transport cargo;
  • Allowing drivers to operate without a CDL or with a suspended CDL; and
  • Failure to comply with driver controlled substances/alcohol use and testing requirements.

During the compliance review, representatives for JDJD Transportation told investigators that drivers with suspended CDLs had been fired, that its insurance policy was canceled, and that it was ceasing operations after a Jan. 5 operating authority suspension.

Despite its claims, JDJD Transportation was found operating a commercial motor vehicle transporting machinery from Phoenix to Mexico on Feb. 3. In addition to the vehicle being put out of service for being in poor condition, the driver of the truck was one of the drivers that JDJD Transportation had told investigators they had fired due to an invalid CDL.

Three days later, the company was handed an imminent hazard operations out-of-service order by FMCSA.

JDJD Transportation’s out-of-service rate is nearly double the national average, according to court documents. Its driver OOS rate is more than 10 times the national average. In the previous nine months, 7 of 10 roadside inspections found drivers in serious violation of HOS regulations. Drivers were placed out of service in 6 of 8 inspections.

In June 2014, a driver for JDJD Transportation was cited for driving while not physically qualified, according to court documents. The same driver had received a citation in January 2014 for driving with a suspended CDL.

In a similar offense, a trucker for the company was cited for driving on a suspended CDL in October 2014. On Sept. 4, 2014, the same driver was caught driving without a CDL and not possessing a valid medical certificate.

In a separate case in October 2014, a JDJD Transportation driver failed to stop at a port of entry inspection facility. The driver was taken into custody for the violation. According to the out-of-service order, this was not the first time a driver for the company failed to stop at a port of entry.

In December 2014, a JDJD Transportation driver was cited for driving four hours above the 11-hour limit. Ignoring the out-of-service order, the driver crashed into an overpass near Houston the next day.

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