Walmart joins in support for Truckers Against Trafficking

| 2/11/2015

Walmart Logistics has been added to the list of government agencies and companies joining in the support for the Truckers Against Trafficking project.

Like many trucking companies across the country, Walmart will hold meetings with all of their private fleet drivers to educate them about human trafficking. An informational video will be produced for company drivers to view at their convenience. Trafficking awareness stickers will be placed on all company-owned trucks.

According to Walmart’s website, more than 7,200 drivers transport 53,500 trailers and 5,600 reefers in 6,000 tractors. Last year, approximately 700 million miles were driven by Walmart drivers.

In addition to educating drivers, Walmart has also donated $2,500 to support Truckers Against Trafficking.

On Monday, Land Line reported that Michigan State Police’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division recently joined Truckers Against Trafficking. Last month, the Virginia Trucking Association joined TAT shortly after a trucker’s keen eye aided in the arrest of a couple from Iowa who had kidnapped a young woman.

Walmart joins the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association and more than 100 companies registered with Truckers Against Trafficking, including 32 other state trucking associations and more than 100,000 individual trained employees. Individual drivers and companies can register by going to TAT’s website and clicking “TAT Trained.”

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