Car carrier picks up unexpected passenger near Dolton, Ill.

| 2/6/2015

Illinois State Police say a trucker driving an empty car carrier picked up an unexpected passenger early Thursday, Feb. 5, on Interstate 94 in Dolton, Ill.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Jamarcus Applewhite, 34, said he thought he had popped a tire so he pulled over to inspect the damage.

However, during his inspection, he found that a pickup truck had driven up the ramp of his trailer at a high enough rate of speed to board the car carrier.

“I felt a lot of shaking,” Applewhite told the Chicago Tribune. “I got out and was looking down, checking the tires, when I heard an engine running and I look and see a truck up there.”

The driver of the truck sustained minor injuries and was taken to Munster Community Hospital in Munster, Ind. The Chicago Tribune article states the pickup truck driver was cited for improper lane usage and failure to reduce speed.

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